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Research projects

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With the aim to identify and test the new possible areas of application and to improve the internal production process, the R&D department participates and promotes research projects in collaboration with universities and research centers. These collaborations ensure a continuous update and grow of the skills of the team members, leading to an increasing range of the cutting-edge services to offer to its customers.

  • MIAMI: Metrology and Artificial Intelligence for the development and quality control of micromachining processes with femtosecond lasers (2021-2023)
    • Supported by: Autonomous Province of Trento (LP 6/99)
    • Proposer: Kirana Srl
    • Partner: Fondazione Bruno Kessler (3DOM)
    • The technical-scientific objective of the project consists in the digitalization of the fine-tuning phase of laser micromachining processes through the development of advanced analysis methodologies. These include the joint use of industrial metrology and artificial intelligence, and moreover the development of machine learning algorithms to support the staff in setting up the laser machining process.

  • META-F: Micromachining and innovative treatments on advanced materials using femtosecond lasers (2018-2020)
    • Supported by: Autonomous Province of Trento (LP 6/99)
    • Proposer: Kirana Srl
    • Partners: University of Trento (DICAM), Politecnico di Milano (Physics Department)
    • The main aim is the development of industrial processes of micro-machining and innovative surface treatments on advanced materials by means of femtosecond lasers. This includes the in-depth study and evaluation of the optimal laser parameters to obtain sub-micrometric machining with high precision and quality. Within this project the FemtoLab has been set up.

  • Laser surface microtexturing for tuning friction (01/12/2018 –27/12/2021)
    • Supported by Fondazione Caritro
    • Proposer: University of Trento (DICAM)
    • Partner: Kirana Srl
    • The research project involves the study, the design and the fabrication of controllable friction surfaces. The bio-inspired surfaces are manufactured by means of laser texturing technique and then characterized and tested in order to understand how the realized microstructures affect the tribological properties of the surfaced.

  • Microstructured quartz or polymer surfaces for wettability control (self-cleaning glasses) (01/12/2016 – 31/03/2019)
    • Supported by Fondazione Caritro
    • Propose: University of Trento(DICAM)
    • Partners: Kirana Srl
    • The aim of the project is the development of methodologies and experimental techniques for the realization of resistant and large artificial surfaces with hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties.

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